23 May 2010

Salted Caramel Valrhona Chocolate Bar

I just bought a 2kg bag of paillette feuilletine - those beautifully crisp vanilla wafer flakes that add a delightful crunch to all sorts of chocolate desserts. Yes if you were wondering what those tasty crunchy bits at the bottom of your dark chocolate tart dessert were, they are not cornflakes. And although some recipes suggest cornflakes as an acceptable substitute for paillette feuilletine, to me the taste and texture are quite different.

My first dessert with paillette feuilletine is a salted caramel Valrhona chocolate bar, inspired from a blog post I saw on sweet pleasure. My version featured a chocolate-nutella-paillette feuilletine base, topped with a layer of rum-flavoured dark chocolate ganache, a sprinkling of toasted almond flakes, then a layer of creamy white chocolate, drenched with - the best part - runny burnt caramel lightly salted with fleur de sel. This chocolate bar is both luxurious and incredibly addictive. My husband is already demanding that I make a second tray of chocolate bars (having demolished the last remaining pieces).



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