25 June 2010

Samba to this Salsa

The only thing possibly better than having a BBFF (i.e. Baking BFF), is having a FBFF - Football BFF.  In my case I am blessed to have found both in my cool girlfriend C (which makes her a BFBFF).  This is my contribution for our Brazil vs Portugal football & tapas party which she is hosting tonight.

I am fussy when it comes to salsa.  That's not to say I am an authority on it, just that this is the way I like it - fresh, spicy and sharp.  I believe the first time I tasted good salsa was at Rosa Mexicano in New York, on our honeymoon. I never ever ate salsa from a jar again.  The secret to Rosa Mexicano's salsa is the paste, which is made in a molcajete, or a stone pestle and mortar. I have varied the original version over the years, and as best as I can correctly record, these are the proportions I now use.  The qualifier is there because salsa is one of those dishes that you really have to taste and adjust as you go along. This is a less spicy version of what I would do for myself, since my tastebuds can't detect anything less than a direct hit of pure unadulterated jalapeno.  If you have more delicate tastebuds this will be exciting enough to make them tingle.  

Have these with some of Tostitos' Hint of Lime tortilla chips and you will understand why I need to run every week to keep the pounds off.
The only downside to making this salsa is that 1/4 of it (and the bag of chips) invariably ends up in my tummy before I even make it to the party.  Oh well, I hope what's left will be enough to last us until Portugal scores its first goal.

C'mon Portugal! Give me a reason to samba!!!

Guacomole ala Rosa Mexicano

2 tablespoon onions, chopped
 1 teaspoon jalapenos, chopped
1 teaspoon cilantro, chopped
1/2 teaspoon salt

2 ripe Hass avocados
6 tablespoons onions, chopped
1 – 2 teaspoon seeded, finely chopped jalapeno chile
3 teaspoons finely chopped cilantro
3 - 4 chopped tomatoes, discard juice and seeds
salt to taste   
 Juice of 1 white lime
 dash of Tabasco  

Mash or blend paste ingredients into a paste.
Cut ripe avocado flesh into roughly 1cm cubes.
Squeeze lime juice over the avocadoes to prevent browning.
Add avocado cubes to the paste and thoroughly mix together. Do not mash as you do not want the guacamole to be mushy.
Add the rest of the ingredients and fold them together gently.
Add jalapenos and salt, a dash of Tabasco (and more lime juice if required) to taste.

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