15 August 2010

Despicable Me Birthday Cake

Twice a year, I become completely masochistic about baking. Specifically, about baking my daughters' birthday cake.

In May, I made a 3-D Ponya on the Cliff by the Sea cake for Sugababe 2's birthday. I thought then that it was the most difficult, laborious baking project I'd ever done (the little goldfish were terribly hard to sculpt). It was rewarding, but boy! Was I ever so glad that I was not doing 3D cakes for a living.

Then August rolled round and I had to start thinking about Sugababe 1's birthday cake. Feeling a little phobic about having to make yet another 3D cake, I asked her hopefully if it was okay if we just had a small birthday celebration with family, and a simple strawberry shortcake birthday cake.

Who was I kidding.

Of course she said NO. She wanted to invite all our friends AND have a big 3D cake to boot.

First, she asked for a Strawberry Shortcake cake in the shape of ... get this - a STRAWBERRY. Not a flat strawberry but a standing up 3D strawberry. I told her that structurally, that wasn't going to work.

And then she asked for a Cars (Pixar) cake. That was not too hard actually. I thought I would just do a racing track in the shape of the number "5", put some cars on it and make little racing flags to decorate it.

However, I somehow couldn't muster up enough enthusiasm to do a Cars cake. After all, the movie was four years ago - it just seemed like a Cars cake would be terribly passe.

And this is where my tendency for masochism becomes evident. I started thinking out loud about other cartoons for a themed cake. And before I had the good sense to stop myself, I said the words 'Despicable Me'. Which is like only the coolest animated 3D film in recent memory. With only the cutest most adorable yellow twinkie-shaped critters you ever saw. Is it any wonder then that Sugababe 1 was instantly in love with the idea?

The full extent my folly only dawned on me when I realised that, it being such a new movie, there would be no Despicable Me cake toppers and toys available. Which means that I would have to sculpt everything myself. *Face palm*

Whaddya know. Love makes you do strange things.

Three days of backbreaking labour later, here are the results.

And the reward for me? How she smiled when she saw the cake, and then squeezed me so tight and said, "I love you Mommy, you're a genius!"

And just like that, my heart melts. And I gladly sign up for many more years of completely masochistic birthday cake baking.


Coming Up Next: How to Make A Minion and the recipe for Coco-Nana Chocolate Cake.


  1. you are insane. but wonderfully so.

  2. Eh, Mummy...HOW COME I DON'T HAVE???

    Got any leftovers for Uncle Ewan???


  3. You've done it again. The cake looks amaaaazing and the characters are so cute. But Ponyo cake is still my favourite. May be biased of course, cos I have no idea who or what Despicable Me is. :)

  4. This is absolutely, so, soooooo cute! My hubby was actually asking me to make a minion fondant cake after watching Despicable Me. You've given me the inspiration to do this soon.

  5. found this on tastespotting. so cute!

  6. This is the most adorable cake ever. You did an amazing job. I love the minions!!!

  7. So cute! I love the minions. And thanks for the tutorial! (I am working on sculpting fondant and need lots of tips!)

  8. @Jellygirl: Girl!!! You HAVE to watch Despicable Me, it's awesome!! So funny!
    @Jo: Please do it!! The world needs more minion joy ;)

  9. I saw the Minion sculpture on TS and gosh! I have to take my hats off to you! I can imagine your daughter must be squealing with delight! You are indeed a genius!

  10. Incredible... I will not even ask how long it took but I am sure the bday girl loved it

  11. How fun!! Your attention to detail is amazing.

  12. Extremely, Positootly the most creative thing I've seen in a long time. Two Thumbs Up!



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